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It's called "sand surfing". You use a sled and you basically slide down the hill, like it's snow. Except it's sand. And it ends on the road. And vehicles are driving by, so you have to be careful not to end up under one of them. It looked fun. They said, "insurance doesn't cover this as it's considered a dangerous activity." YA THINK?! I thought about doing it. Then I remembered Jodie's wedding was a few days away and with my luck I'd do a face plant on the sand and scrape up my entire face. That would have been lovely. Maybe next time. I think a family trip to NZ is in order. I think the kids would love doing this. One of the ladies on our tour bus did this because her husband and her daughter did it. It really cracked me up because at first she was just doing the regular "this is fun" scream then it turned into "I'm being killed! HELP!" screams as she got closer to the bottom. I videotaped it and I still crack up when I hear the screaming.

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