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With this post, I'm caught up on the whole blogging thing.

Tuesday was such a nice day, I took the afternoon off and drove down the states to do some shopping without having to put up with crowded stores and crowded borders and not wanting to flip people off and honk at them for fear they may exercise their right to carry arms and shoot me dead.

It only took 20 minutes to cross the border.

I don't know why I get nervous. It's not like I'm a convicted felon or in jeopardy of being incarcerated. Maybe it's because I'm a liberal and I keep hearing how america is right wing. Maybe it's all that rendition. Or waterboarding.

Or maybe I've seen one too many takedowns at the border.

I was asked questions like, "what do I do why I can go down in the middle of the afternoon?" "where do I live." "who tried to pick your car lock?" Someone tried breaking into my car through the lock. Why they didn't try cut the roof like the other people did, I have no idea. In fact most times I forget that someone tried to pick the lock. It's not like I use the door locks, they're more decoration with keyless entry.

So, while it was a quick entry into the states, it was about a five minute conversation of my work, my life, my shopping, where the border dude lives and how crazy it gets on weekends, blah blah blah. He must have been having a boring day.

On the way back, it was a 2 second wait at the border to get back. How long was I gone for, am I Canadian citizen and what proof do I have. Besides my skin colour I guess.

What'd I buy? My bridesmaid's dress for my sister's wedding. The one that I originally got, I do not like at all. AT ALL. So I vetoed it and drove to an off the rack store and bought it off the rack. For cheap.

Within 2 hours I'm back in Vancouver.

I'm off to Victoria for the weekend. For work. Because it's for work, I upgraded my hotel room to a waterview room.

Then I'm off to Victoria next Friday for meetings too.

Looks like Australia is delayed by a week. I have to go to Toronto - at least I think it's Toronto to attend a conference. I'm not sure if I can get out of it. I would like to. It's during the week of the 21st and I was going to leave for Australia on the 20th. Waiting for details.

I think I've officially curbed my spending habit. Getting my credit card statement and realizing my spending has been a bit out of control helped. My own intervention.

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