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My bad.

With this post, I'm caught up with this whole blogging thing.

This is my new toy:

I didn't pay a penny of my own money for it, thankfully. I guess my plan for work was up so I was able to get an upgrade.

Now, I'm not one to always have to have something new. My car is a testament to that. Plus it's a really cool car to have in the summer.

But with the amount of travelling I do, I have had blackberry envy. Everyone and their mama has a blackberry world. And I felt like I was stuck in 2 years ago when my blackberry was cool.

Now I won't be ashamed while checking emails while waiting at airports or in line for cabs or amongst colleagues.

Of course, I know in two years - or even later this year - there'll be a new blackberry out there but at least in a year this one will still be cool.

Kind of like my video iPod. Sure they have the new iTouch or whatever they're calling it but my iPod is still freakin' sweet.

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