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I've survived three days. Two more to go before the weekend.

For some reason, Monday felt like a Wednesday and I haven't been able to get my mind around the fact today isn't Friday but only Wednesday. Wishful thinking.

When I get home at night, I just want to curl up in a ball on my bed, pull the blanket over my head and sleep until all the pain goes away. In like, three weeks or something.

My beloved (tm) Oilers lost last night. I want someone to review the satistics of how many pay per view games they've lost because I'm sure it's all of them and if that's the case they should NOT have their games on PPV.

I'm also torn between a Hemsky or Horcoff jersey.

I have eleven proposals to review before Monday and grade them against criteria. I've read approximately zero. But then, they haven't sent me my flight confirmation either. For that matter, I haven't received my flight information for my trip to Ottawa either. I suppose I should log onto my work email and check it out.

Can someone please pay my credit card bill for me? I really don't feel like it.

Am I the only one worried about my investments? Thanks to this current conservative government, our economy is going to tank soon unless action is taken. I've lost some money on my investments and I'm hoping it bounces up or I may never be able to retire.

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