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Life is good. The Oilers win by a nice healthy margin. The canucks lose. I'm not going to get all excited about a three game win streak though.

I can't believe how fast this week has passed by. Is this how fast the year is going to go? I hope not.

I have big plans effective Monday. It may kill me. In fact, I'm sure it will.

Dine Out Vancouver is happening again. I have reservations for one restaurant and meant to make reservations for another but it required giving my credit card number to secure the reservation and my credit card was ALL THE WAY UPSTAIRS and at the time it was far too much work to get so I didn't do it and the reservations are now sold out. Oh well. There are a ton of other restaurants to go to. I fully intend on going to at least 3 before the event is closed.

My niece made the mistake of ever allowing me to be her "friend" on bebo. She changed her page layout to one that says, "I luv my boyfriend." Big mistake. My sister saw it, told me about it, a Jedi Council meeting was called to order and "Operation Bitch Slap" was put into place. My niece is 13. According to her "boyfriend's" page, he's 15. I kid you not when I say my niece is freakin' smart. If she were dumb, like her brother, I'd say so. But she isn't. If she doesn't get sidetracked by stupid things like boys, she can be whatever she wants to be. And she wants to be a doctor. I left a not so nice comment on her page, my sister did the same thing. My sister's fiance left one sort of nasty (but hilarious) comment on the boy's page, our Mom was called up, she's not too happy. Bean will not be happy. There's always the risk of alienation and doing something stupid out of spite (which is what I'd do) but beaners is hopefully too scared of her gran to do anything. Time will tell.

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