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Oh. My. Sweet.

I'm on another trip today to northern BC. I just got an email from a colleague saying she talked to some of her people already there and it's -27 but feels like -40. Lucky I don't have breast implants as I'm sure they'd either freeze permanantly or explode. Thankfully it's only an over-nighter.

A friend/colleague of mine has been dilligently trying to get me on another trip to Ottawa next week. I've asked her to stop, that I shouldn't go, but she's adamant that I'm going to be there. Primarily because every year we go out at least one night during the holiday season and get completely stupid on martinis (her) and capt. & cokes (me) and laugh our asses off. Sadly, it doesn't look possible. Which, in retrospect, is probably for the best.

I make pretty bad decisions and sometimes need to be saved from myself.

Did anyone besides me watch the two Oilers games against the f*ck a ducks? It seriously made my weekend. And the return of Saint Fernando to the Oilers line-up was pretty much the best present I've received from the Oilers in a heck of a lot of time. Then I watched them win in a shootout against the Kings last night WITH Ales Hemsky out of the line-up!

I've been reviewing the 10 Commandments a lot lately. I'm sure I'll have to debate my Lord when I'm standing before him in judgement on where I'll live for eternity and I'm sure I'll lose but hopefully if I raise valid points he'll grant me leave and allow me to stay. I was hoping to make it to Church yesterday. I also recognize the fruitlessness of my quest given he's the all-knowing and will have prepared counter-arguments against me by the time I'm there.

As a result, I'm cutting back on at least using the Lord's name in vain. None of the loopholes with saying ho-lee instead. I'm hoping if I stop this form of profanity, he'll know where my heart is.

If I do sojourn to Ottawa, I'm thinking of taking time off and heading to London for the weekend plus a couple of days before returning home. So let's hope the trip to Ottawa falls through!

I work with/for a bunch of pretty cool people. They took me out for lunch today and bestowed upon me gift certificates! Bonus! I think it's the best gift anyone can give me. Giving me the choice to buy whatever I want. When they were asking what we'd like to drink I was the last one and said, "Double rum and coke please" and every single jaw dropped at the table because I've never had anything more than water with this group and they're all off the belief I don't drink. Sure have them fooled!

I can't believe all the snow that fell over the weekend and thwarted any birthday plans I had, just disappeared!

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