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It's not that I don't want to blog, it's that I really don't have the time. I know people have said before, "prioritize" blah blah blah. But given the choice of sleeping or blogging, I'm going to choose sleep.

As stated before, I used to blog from work but can't do that anymore because I'm actually quite busy at work. My laptop started acting up about 3.5 weeks ago and by the time I get home, I wasn't interested in reading anything so it didn't bother me. I dropped my laptop off for repairs and while I was in Ontario got a call saying it's ready. So we'll see what happens.

New things:

When I am in Vancouver, I'm at the gym at freakin 6:20 am. I kid you not. It's freakin' insane but it's what works.

When I'm on the road, I'm at the hotel's gym at 6:02 am. It's freakin' insane too.

I am enjoying both though. I'm hoping to go to Italy in December, if by some miracle, a brilliant accounting method is invented that allows me to go there after Christmas.

I've been all over the province these past 30 days and this past week I was in Ottawa and Toronto. Or Nobleton or Orillia or Cottage Country or something. I was blindfolded when being picked up at the airport and blindfolded until I got back to the airport to protect the location of all those involved.
Trips coming up include: Calgary, Colorado (if work permits as this is a personal trip), and I'm keeping my fingers crossed about a trip to Montreal because I love Montreal.

I have managed to catch The Bourne Ultimatum, The Simpsons Movie (no thanks to
some, and Hair Spray. I plan on seeing The Bourne Ultimatum again because it was freakin' awesome.

Besides work and the gym and all this freakin' travelling, I've been helping my sister plan her wedding. And by helping her plan her wedding I mean doing things like setting the date, picking the location, picking out her dress, telling her who her bridesmaids should be and how many guests she should invite.

I've been living out of a suitcase. I pack entirely too many pairs of shoes. And I'm not even a shoe person. It's really quite disgusting. I need a mid-sized suitcase.

I have the DMB concert in a few weeks and I still don't know who's coming with me. First it was a friend but then she moved, got a new job, can't get time off work. Then it was another friend but her husband freaked. Then it was another friend but their kids will be home that weekend. Maybe it'll just be me. Which is actually quite sad if one thinks about it but whatev. I've thought about selling them on e-bay but I really need to see them in the most desperate of ways. I need to find a balance in my life and it all begins and ends with DMB.

I was suffering insomnia a couple of weeks ago and bought the movie, "What Dreams May Come". It really is one of my favourite movies. Maybe underneath it all I'm just a romantic at heart. Okay. I'm clearly overtired for typing that.

I'm also taking a liking to Heineken. And losing my liking of Guinness. Which is sad on some levels and progress on others.

I've also been wanting to go to Vegas again. I'm thinking September 22 will be a nice day. And not just because Ryan Smyth will be there. Okay. Yeah, it's just because Ryan Smyth will be there.

If you haven't already, buy Matt Good's latest cd. It's actually one of the best cd's I've heard in awhile. DMB excluded of course.



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